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Goal Coach App

Goal Coach - group goal tracking app (course)

An app that lets users sign up, add new goals, mark goals as complete and delete completed goals. It's powered by Firebase for storage and user creation and logging in.

Email Survey Service

Email Survey Service (course)

A service to send bulk emails to customers to receive feedback. Uses Google oAuth, Stripe Payment and Mailgun.

Hemingway writing app

Copy of the Hemingway App

An app that highlights ways that you can simplify your writing. Highlighting adverbs, qualifying words, complex words, dificult and very dificult sentences. Built using vanila JavaScript.

Markdown previewer

Markdown Previewer with file upload functionality

A text editor that lets the user visualise markdown text in real time. It also support drag-and-drop uploading of files.

Reminder App

Reminder App wth Countdowns (course)

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Wikipedia Viewer

Wikipedia Search Site

A site that allows a user to search wikipedia using the Wikipedia API.

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